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RED ALE (12 u)
RED ALE (12 u)

RED ALE (12 u)



And now the end of this tour o well at first more?

Alcohol content: 5.5% Vol.
Ingredients: water, hops, yeast and malt.
Serving temperature: between 8 and 12 ° C
Armando and is officially the Armadillo Man. And he succeeded thanks to your search; a search that led him to run into our KADABRA more colorful: The Red Ale.

A beer with malty and caramel, original taste of Ireland (also known as Irish Red Ale) that left indifferent to be unique in that it had become.

His reddish / severe copper product of roasting barley and malt, combined perfectly with her new look. And its taste could not be more magical: strong taste, from malt, has a mild fruity aroma and a hint of butter, with initial sweetness and a roasted dryness in the finish.

 And if something broke phase 4 of this story was the mystery. Yes, the mysterious origin that surrounded this beer, which only have few data Ireland in the Middle Ages, was the trigger for this end that tastes beginning. A mystery almost as interesting as the fact that today, a man, has become Armadillo.

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Price: 27.60
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