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Montelios 2011
Montelios 2011 Aged

Montelios 2011 Aged


We continue with nods to our land. This time we chose "Montelios" for our last winemaking creation.
The name, from the Latin Mont Elios, refers to pre-Roman Castro of San Andrés de Montejos, meaning Monte sun.
This is attested by the discovery of an Ara Votive early last century with the inscription IOVI O. QUELEDINI to prove the existence of a temple to Jupiter, the Sun God for the foreign and heathen cultures (Celts) that inhabited the place.
The name is used in the Middle Ages, reflected in ecclesiastical documents such as the donation of a Noble of the time the Monastery of Forests 1091 "ecclesiam Sancti Andree ... cum quanta ibi est ... et est subtus locum quod vocatur Montelios bergidensi territory." (The church of San Andrés with what there there. This place called under Montelios in bergidense territory).
Today this proven the influence of the stars on the tides, liquids and winemaking.
It is this legacy that we could not give it another name, for small family payments are under the clay slopes slate of Montelios, which together with the altitude and sun exposure west, south-west form a unique terroir that gives rise to a wine linked to the earth and the sun.
On the label, the silhouette of Montelios and the influence of Astro Rey, represents the rich history of our land.

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