Casar Godello 2013 white wine ( 8 months)

Casar Godello 2013 white wine ( 8 months)



100% Godello

This wine is the result of several years of commitment and work by the Winemaker and Technical Director of Casar de Burbia, Isidro Fernandez Bello, to achieve a white wine equal to the red wines from the winery.

 Casar Godello is elaborated with Godello, the indigenous grape variety from a vineyard which is over 30 years old, located in Valtuille de Arriba (the heart of the DOBierzo), south-facing, at an altitude of  600 meters with slate and quartz soils and traces of clay in the subsoil.


The harvest is done manually, in boxes of 10 kg maximum. Grapes also are selected manually on entering the winery.

This wine undergoes a particular cold maceration process at a temperature of 12ºC, the juices are then left to run off and the pomace pressed. Fermentation takes place in 5,000 litre tanks at a controlled temperature of between 14 - 16ºC for 20 days.

Additionally, it is aged for 8 months on its own lees, before stabilization and bottling. Resting on its own lees provides the wine with a creamy mouth-filling texture and enhances its aromatic power.


Bright clean colour. Complex and elegant nose. Medium to high intensity, its aromatic power amazes with predominantly spicy, floral, white and stone fruit nuances, on a soft mineral, citrus background. The aging on the lees leaves it mark on the palate, giving it good structure, with lots of volume and smoothness, with balanced acidity and citric and mineral nuances reappearing in the finish. Its full-bodied creaminess makes it a delight for the taste buds, while its crispness makes it easy drinking.

PACKAGING - Environmental impact reduction

750 ml burgundy bottle in cases of 6 bottles (*).


This wine is ideal as an accompaniment to seafood, fish and rice dishes.

Serving temperature: 12 -14°C.

Optimal consumption time: up to 2 years.

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Price: 10.50
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