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Spray Bucal Propoleo
Spray Propolis

Spray Propolis

Propolis Spray

Propolis mouth spray is a valid and effective help for the welfare of the throat and oral cavity, especially during the winter. The practical container with nebulizer provides easy and accurate. Exquisite taste leaves your breath fresh and create a protective layer that prevents the entry of viruses, bacteria and fungal growth, also has anti-inflammatory effect of pharyngeal mucosa, larynx and throat.

Stimulates the generation of dentin (dental enamel) and prevents tooth decay and plaque.

Relieves itching, burning, discomfort, wounds, mouth ulcers ... necessary directly to the throat or mouth area affected.

Recommended for teachers, lecturers .. to relieve dryness and irritation of the throat.

Ref.: DL803
Price: 11.00
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