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Royal Jelly: 20 grams

Royal Jelly: 20 grams

Properties of royal jelly:

Improvement and fefuerza the immune system.

An antioxidant, improving cellular metabolism.

Retards epithelial aging.

Hydrates and gives elasticity to the skin.

Exerts an antiseptic action.

Increases the defenses.

Help to attack both viruses, microbes and all kinds of toxins.

Helps normalize blood pressure. This action is due to acetilcolinérgicas substances possessing royal jelly.

Improves blood circulation.

Helps fight muscular and mental fatigue.

It helps to treat anorexia and asthenia in children.

Reduce anxiety and nervousness.

Our fresh royal jelly: It is kept in a refrigerator, it is packaged in bottles of 10 gr. It is administered fasting, under the tongue, at 50 mg. With this dosage pot serves to about 20 or 25 days. Indispensible in spring and autumn.

Ref.: DL798
Price: 20.00
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