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It is extracted from spring until June. Your multifloral origin offers a wide range of colors. With its average of 38.5% protein, is one of the foods rich in amino acids. 100 gr. pollen containing the same amount of amino acids that half a kilo of beef.


Help to recover in cases of anemia or weakness.
Increases resistance to disease.
Pollen is a good intestinal regulator.
It is recommended during pregnancy and lactation for their great remineralizing power.
Advised against sexual apathy and prostate problems by its rich in zinc.
Helps restore appetite in convalescents.
Pollen regulates body weight for both obesity and thinness.
Food ideal for athletes because it increases resistance to physical effort.
Enhances memory.
Very useful for diabetics because it helps regulate glucose levels.
Thanks to its content of Riboflavin, Vitamin A and Zinc helps improve vision.

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