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Miel 1/2 kilo
Honey 1/2 kilo

Honey 1/2 kilo

Heather Honey 1/2 kilo

Our honey Heather has been awarded the Silver Medal at the 2012 Bologna European Competition.

Dark mahogany and slightly sweet taste slightly bitter.


Recommended for heart problems. Ideal to prevent stone formation and inflammation in the bladder, kidney and urethra. Antirheumatic. By its mineral content is indicated for anemia, loss of appetite and fatigue.


Thyme Honey 1/2 kilo


A pale reddish and pleasant taste.


Indicated for respiratory inflammatory conditions, whooping cough and asthma. Regulating blood pressure. Very suitable as invigorating to fatigue and asthenia.


Eucalyptus Honey 1/2 kilo

Ocher. Very aromatic with a distinctive wood flavor.


Antiseptic of the respiratory and urinary tract, balsamic and worming effects. It is indicated against colds and diseases of the respiratory tree. The most suitable for diabetics and smokers.


Forest Honey 1/2 kilo

Black liquid, becoming solidify castañoal color. Peculiar taste, with salt and malted nuances, strong desabor. Slow crystallization.


Contienegran amount of minerals, it is best to combat anemia porsu high iron content. Ydisenterías good effect against diarrhea. It is one of the best honey to stimulate cicatrizaciónde wounds.


1/2 kilo Rosemary Honey


Very light amber and white when crystallized. Aromatic and sweet.


Efficient hepatic stimulant that favors the decongestion of the liver. Suitable for gastrointestinal ulcers and dysmenorrhea.
Not recommended for hypertensive because it is a little toning.

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