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Queso Semicurado Mezcla
Semi-Cured Bleended Milk Cheese

Semi-Cured Bleended Milk Cheese

Semi-Cured Bleended Milk Cheese


Pasteurised cow’s (55% min.), goat’s (5% min.) and sheep’s milk (5% min.), salt, rennet, lactic starters, calcium chloride and preservative: lysozyme (egg derivative).


> 35 days whole cheese of 3 kg and derivatives.
> 20 days whole cheese of 1 kg and derivatives.


The Mixed Milk Semi-Cured Cheese has a light milky aroma. Smooth taste. Elastic, melting and very soluble paste. Semi-soft. Ivory colour. Uneven-sized eyes with homogeneous distribution and a shiny surface.


Faces etched with wheat-ear shapes and lateral grooves in zigzag. Black colour.


Keep refrigerated between 4 and 8ºC. Protect the cut surface of the cheese with aluminium foil or shrink-wrap.


Remove the cheese from the fridge with enough time for it to reach around 20ºC. At that temperature, its aroma and flavour come through in all their intensity.

Ref.: DL792
Price: 51.67
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