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KADABRA Belgian White Beer (12 u)
KADABRA Belgian White Beer (12 u)

KADABRA Belgian White Beer (12 u)

"White" in hand, that summer, beer began the transformation of Armando.

Alcohol content: 5% Vol.
Ingredients: water, wheat, hops, yeast and malt.
Serving temperature: between 4 and 7 ºC.
I wanted to try the light and fruity taste of our Belgian White, creamy feel and lasting foam, made with our flavored and subtly cloudy KADABRA based unmalted wheat, unfiltered ... without waste.

Armando explored. It was documented. And he knew that the origin of the "white" dates back to the medieval Belgium (XIV century). He also read that in 1950, due to the success of the "Pils", the production of this type of beer dropped to almost nothing; but in 1966 a couple of dreamers (as himself), decided to return to make what a good idea!

And so well was that summer of Armando. The ideal companion: lightweight, with a touch of acidity, with character but very refreshing. The White Belgian of KADABRA.

Ref.: DL758
Price: 27.60

KADABRA Belgian White Beer!


  • Origen: León. España
  • Maestro Cervecero: Kadabra
  • Estilo: Belgian White

Cerveza ?blanca? el origen de las ?blancas? se remonta a la Bélgica medieval (siglo XIV).  En 1950. debido al éxito de las ?Pils?. la producción de este tipo de cerveza decayó hasta casi desaparecer

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