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Mittel white

Mittel white


White Mittel is one of the few working in the world we can find the white variety Albarín 100%. We produce up to 3,000 bottles.

Wine made with 100% grape variety Albarín selected target our existing vineyards in the southern part of the province of León.

Very poor, deep clay loam soils, acid; with lots of gravel and boulders.

Cold pre-maceration for 8 h. in a pneumatic press to 8 ° C.
Stainless steel racking for 24 h. 8 ° C.
Fermentation for 25-30 days at 14 ° C.
Malolactic fermentation, no.
Bentonite clarification method.
Stabilization method by stay cold for 15 days - 5th C.
Amicrobially by 0.45 micron filtration.
Family: (White)
Source: Leon, Spain
Brand: Mittel
Type of wine: White
Figure quality: OD Tierra de León
Age of vines: Over 40 years
Driving Vineyard: Glass
Origin of the grape: 100% own vineyard
Control of vines: 100% due to the winery
Tasting notes: The sight features a beautiful dress with greenish yellow, clean and bright hues. Nose fresh and tropical white fruits, herbaceous notes and floral backgrounds are present. The palate is dry, cool, satiny, comprehensive and balanced. Nice, elegant and lingering aftertaste.

Ref.: DL524
Price: 9.50


El Mittel blanco es una de las pocas elaboraciones en el mundo en que podemos encontrar la

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