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Dementia has been like a dream that has become
a reality. On numerous occasions we have
talked about an idealistic project, free spirit, with
a mystical and creative dishes that has moved us to experience
various interpretations of our range
native: Mencia.

These dreams and have allowed us probaturas learning
to new ways, new per? les processing,
new understandings of Mencia.
Night, dreams, imagination, madness, adaptation to the environment.
Concepts that we have always encouraged, and
They are also very present in our PYJAMA.
PYJAMA. Perceptions
With Pyjama seek a more jovial way of understanding
Mencia; while maintaining the freshness and elegance,
we get a less serious wine, less forceful,
and perhaps more youthful. A wine to drink and
share, which is primarily what to do with a
wine. They say a good wine is only good when you
Like, no secret under our pajamas: Pure

PYJAMA. Vineyard
The grape with which it is made is of the variety

The Vineyard is located in the terms of Villadecanes and
Villafranca del Bierzo, with additional guidance,
and forming complementary ground.
The year 2011 enjoyed a pleasant climate in summer,
with rains to? nal thereof. The harvest was early and


We undertook the Vini? Cation in 2500 liter tank
capacity, at an average temperature of 25 ° C, developing
induced yeast fermentation
native. The wine left the vats with high density and
significant presence of sugars, finishing fermentation
without skins.
Parenting for about five months in oak barrels
French second and third year was complemented by a
presence of lees? nas, and three racking with mild aeration.
Finish off parenting with the addition of a short ratio
bred wine of the vintage 2010, seeking
complexity and? tioning.
Bottling wine on August 9, 2012, with a
total production of 6,700 bottles.


Cherry red high cape with purple hues
due to his youth.
On the nose, upper-middle intensity, appears very jovial and
fruity with pleasant sensations of red fruit
season, and a light touch from the aging
wood. The? Nal balsamic is presented, memories
Mount and menthol.
The palate is powerful, fresh and elegant wine, good
acidity and fruity sensations, with some greedy notes
they do a good close to palate, ending in
one, spicy-fruity aftertaste sensations round
also appear aftertaste.
We recommend a service at 16
Pairings: white or red meats, stews and dishes

PYJAMA. Technical Data
Alcohol: 14.50%
Total Acidity: 6.05 gr / l
pH: 3.53
Free sulfur: 9 mg / l
Total sulfur: 39 mg / l
Malolactic fermentation is finished.

Ref.: DL292
Price: 18.95

Bodega: Demencia de Autor
Denominación de Origen: Vinos de Bierzo
Tipo de Uva:Mencía 100%.
Añada: 2011
Tipo de Crianza: 5 mes

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