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Dementia is a young project born and created in 2006 in the region of Bierzo. It was launched by a group of young entrepreneurs (Nacho, Jorge and Javier) with one thing in common: they like wine with madness. It started as a hobby when they spent their free time, dreaming of a reality that when you want to account already existed.
Young and diverse backgrounds, the founders of dementia have been raised an ambitious and idealistic: get a great wine, leaning on his particular way of understanding the vineyard, soil and grapes native variety Mencia. Develop a signature wine very little production because they intend to develop all the work with his own hands.


Over the years, these young winemakers have been choosing small parcels (less than 2,000 square meters average surface) with very old vines, and a floor with very special characteristics, especially their composition, very sandy, and also its inclination. These characteristics have led to the plants, after years of cultivation, have adapted to the characteristics of this small natural redoubt.
Nacho, Jorge and Javier spend long hours and many days in the vineyard; hacienda pruning, observing the health and status of the plant, soil, vegetation that develops around, and sometimes just going to have a good time, engaged by the magic of the place because, as Nacho says "There must be something in these small plots that we can not explain and conveys a particularly comforting sensations."
Thus, little by little they have recovered the oldest vineyards of Bierzo. To this has been fundamental to listen to old, and so close to the best I had ancestors viticulture (planting density, green manure etc.).
And one of the objectives of dementia is to try to interpret and convey how is the vine and its influence in viticulture and winemaking later. They say: "We would like to take part in our little spot on each bottle, we believe that wine is the best way to tell."


The development is done in very small deposits of only 1,500 liters. It is much more expensive and takes a lot more work, but the result is surprising. Smaller deposits to control the temperature of the must-wine without machines and without consuming energy. Furthermore, as the volume is lower, the control and contact with wine in training are much more intense.
Not a day goes throughout the year in which Nacho and his team make a visit to their wine, especially in the first six months of barrel aging. It works with selected natural lees resulting from the fermentation itself. Afterwards, continue to select these lees, and cleaning the wine naturally by racking.

Ref.: DL291
Price: 38.90

Bodega: Bodegas Demencia de Autor

Denominación: Bierzo
Zona: León/España
Tipo: Vino Tinto Crianza

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