Cured Cheese

Cured Cheese "The Payuelos"

Product: Cheese 100% pure sheepskin with raw milk from our own herd.

Title: "Pata de Mulo" Cured

Business Category: Cured



None of the raw materials and ingredients used in the preparation of this product has been ionized materials or

obtained from genetically modified organisms.

This product is made with pure sheep's milk, to which he added other ingredients and

additives according to the current regulations as lysozyme (egg) therefore should be avoided

consumption by those who have intolerance to milk or egg

Ref.: DL156
Price: 29.12

Elaborado con leche cruda de oveja con una maduración mínima de 6 meses hasta un año en cámara. Para los apasionados del queso. de sabor intenso. es perfecto para rematar una buena comida.

Formatos disponibles

Redondo tipo manchego de 1´5 Kg

Redondo tipo manchego de 3 Kg

Pata de mulo (especialidad) de 2´5 Kg

Todos nuestros productos son aptos para su consumo por personas celiacas debido a la ausencia de gluten.


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