Roasted lamb shanks

Roasted lamb shanks

Roasted Lamb shanks
Microwave: pierce the bag and heat in the same bag or in a container, 4 min. at maximum power.
Oven: Preheat oven to 200 degrees, remove the product from the bag and place in pan halfway up for 10 min.
Ingredients: 2 lamb shanks + olive oil + salt + selected spices (oregano and basil)
Net Weight: 800gr. (SERVES 2) Product chilled.

Ref.: DL063
Manufacturer: La Artesa
Price: 11.75

Producto "Cocinado al Vacío"
Apto para celíacos (sin gluten)

2 Jarretes de Cordero
Aceite de Oliva
Especias seleccionadas
(orégano y albahaca)

Peso neto: 800gr. (2 RACIONES)

Producto refrigerado

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